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god i don’t even know who’s still around anymore tumblrfort is so dead

Rip the good old 2fort days. :’{

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Playing tf2 isnt a bad way to spend time x3. Im just mostly working and sleeping and trying not to be sick all too often.

I’d say the same for me in all honesty, sleeping, back to school, playing videogames and trying to draw every now and then when I can. Besides, tumblrfort seem relatively dead tbh so im just kinda sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

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Well if its anu consolation, his muse will always live on. Hes a memorable fellow and i often find myself remembering him. Even if you dont rp him anymore, hes still precious <3

It’s not even that I don’t want to rp him anymore, it’s just drama makes me lose my muse, and I haven’t had the rping muse in so long, I just waste away playing tf2 for hours now tbh.

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Because I miss it :(

I miss rping on mattie too and all the interactions he had with people, but I haven’t touched his blog in like 2 years, and most of my muses are gone. Even attempting to rp him up again would be a struggle because of how far gone I’ve been.

I dont even have xkit on this blog, holy shit.

Khat why did you do the thing, I haven’t been on this account in like years.



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ARTIST: Stromae
TRACK: Tous les mêmes
ALBUM: Racine Carrée


tous les mêmes || stromae

all you men are all the same
macho but cheap
a band of wimpy unfaithfuls
so predictable. No, i’m not certain that you
deserve me
you’re lucky we love you
say “thank you” to me
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im so sorry. its time for me to checkout of life 

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ARTIST: Crystal Castles
TRACK: Love and Caring
ALBUM: Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles - Love and Caring

The sounds of screaming
Save us please
Open wounds
Drowned in Kerosene

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