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Emmerich scoffed lightly to being discovered however paid it no mind, deciding it was his horrible sneaking skill that woke the spy up.

"I guess I wanted to say that I thank you for the little presents" he murmured and yawned lightly, squeezing him and pecking at his temple. "Did I wake you up?".

"Mm… surprised zhat yeoo even bothered visiting." There was a small pause as the blonde would shift closer to the Soldier. "And non, I ‘ave always been a light sleeper. I’m only now simply getting more rest." The gentle touching earned a small yet faint purr every time the Spy would stop talking.

tfw I was doing hella as soldier but my team progressively got fucking dumb as rocks. 

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I never understood desire until I felt your hands around my throat.

tfw i gotta go to school tho

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Look! He’s actually not skin and bones and able to hold this beast of a woman.

"Bonjour to yeoo too."

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rocketsmokes whispered: The soldier knew that tonight the spy would be in his quarters, sneaking about the Red base and finding the right door. He wasn't exactly good with picking locks, so he toyed with it until it broke and frowned lightly, deciding he'd fix, or rather replace it, later. Once the door was open he snicked into the room, again, not as quietly as he'd thought he'd be and crawled under the bed sheets, snuggling up to the sleeping [or was he?] spy' nuzzling into the back of his neck with a soft sigh.

Luckily for the Soldier, if it had been another scent that entered his room, the Spy would have sprung into action. The intruder surely finding themselves at knife point. So considering Emmerich lucky, the Spy ignored him and allowed him to enter not knowing what was the man’s goal. Though it became apparent when the blonde felt the other’s presence, soon feeling the man slip into bed with him.

Stirring in his sleep, he spoke softly “Now what brings yeoo ’ere?”

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rocket jumping with soul, more like they fly past u as u try to bunny hop over.